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TrailWerks Suspension Service was started in 2013 to provide riders in the mid-Atlantic region with fast, expert and reliable service for forks and rear shocks. With almost 40 years of experience, we are your local source for maintenance, set-up, tuning and upgrade advice for your suspension product. Let our experience and expertise work for you! Go Fast, Faster with TrailWerks!


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Close-up of the shock on the rear suspension of a gold mountain bike

About Us

At TrailWerks Suspension Service, we strive to provide information, recommendations and expert service for your suspension and entire ride experience. Our vast experience runs the gamut from DJ, DH, xc/endurance racing, and enduro. We are always available to discuss any issues you are having with your bike.

Expect the best from TrailWerks! We stand behind our work. All services are warranted for 60 days. We use the best fluids from Fox, RockShox, Motorex, Maxima and Spectro. You can count on us to keep up with the latest trends and stay in touch with manufacturers to stay educated.


We provide bike suspension service on your fork and/or rear shock. We can handle input as basic as ‘I don’t like this fork’ all the way up to detailed course-specific descriptions of rider-perceived rear shock behavior and turn it into a workable service plan. Every plan will be clearly spelled out before we begin, with specific delivered outcomes for your TrailWerks service.

All services include the best fluids and lubes available anywhere.

Basic Maintenance

Your suspension product needs to be cleaned regularly, oil refreshed and seals replaced every 50-100 hours. We stock all the kits, fluids and small parts needed to keep your suspension smooth so you can focus on your ride. Fork Lowers Service and Air Can Service. Expect same-day or next-day turnaround, some exceptions apply. $85-180, including parts.

Damper Service

Fork and rear shock dampers require regular service every 100-200 hours. Service includes cleaning, inspection, vacuum bleed, seals and other small parts. May require fork basic service or rear shock air can service, depending on damper architecture. $60-170 forks, $100-275 rear shocks.


TrailWerks can help you with OEM upgrades and custom solutions. Upgrades from RockShox, Push, SKF, MRP as well as custom tuning. We also supply new product from RockShox, Fox, MRP, DVO, Manitou and more.

On-Site Dynamic Setup

Setting sag is the first step in getting your product onto the dirt. Once you are on the trail you have air volume and damper settings to contend with. Nothing beats changing your suspension and bracketing your settings. TrailWerks offers on-site suspension set-up for any type of riding. Please contact us for details. $200 and up.

ShockWiz Rental

TrailWerks has two ShockWiz units for data collection. ShockWiz provides feedback for suspension settings in your iOS or Android device. Rent the device, install the app, set it up, ride and review! Works on air spring suspension only. TrailWerks staff will help you interpret the data. $125 and up.


We provide same-day turnaround via UPS on most services. Some conditions dictate that we hold a unit for 24 hours to ensure that it is holding air. We provide UPS labels via email to make getting your product to us that much easier. If we don’t have the parts in stock, we will notify you of the lead time so you can delay shipping your product to us in order to minimize downtime.

We regularly provide while-you-wait service in our Maryland facility. We have free wifi in our lounge along with drinks, snacks and rental bikes. We have singletrack at Bacon Ridge just 2 miles out our front door if you want to get in a ride while you wait!

Close-up of the shock on the rear suspension of a gold mountain bike

Work Order Request

Please fill out the information below. We will provide you a Work Order number for your reference. Once you receive the Work Order number, feel free to ship your product our way. If you plan on dropping by, you can still use this form for a quote or to make an appointment. Thank you for your support of TrailWerks Suspension Service!

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What Our Customers Are Saying


…Stopped in for a blown free hub repair and Mike spent loads of time gaming out and rationalizing the right setup for my preferred type of riding, current + anticipated skill level, and budget. I would have made the wrong choices self diagnosing the right setup based on bottomless internet opinion. Mike’s knowledge, skill, and passion for the sport led me to the right place – trust him. The bike is now an animal! Traction, grip, control, confidence off 3ft+ drops is no problem! TrailWerks is magic.


Great friendly service and quality work. My rockshox SID was shot and they turned it around in one day back to new and shipped it back in no time. I will most certainly use them again. A new age bike shop to replace old age bike shops!

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